Company: CGTN
Salary Salary: Negotiable
City Beijing
Company: VMware
Salary 面议
City Beijing

Arabic Site Operation Specialist

City Shanghai
Salary 20-33万/Year
Education: Bachelor
Experience: Three Years
Job Nature: Full time

Job Description


1. Plan and execute marketing / merchandising campaigns of’s Arabic website.
2. Partner with HQ marketing teams to develop channel strategies and creatives specifically for the Arabic market.
3. Monitor and report on key metrics including orders, traffic source, new & repeat users, and conversion, and take a data-driven approach to find solutions to optimize and improve efficiency.
3. Have a strong understanding of the local travel market landscape and competitors.
4. Work closely with HQ product & operations teams to optimize user experience and product offering based on local user preferences and market intelligence.
5. Audit, track and optimize website problems, and follow up on implementation.

Job Requirement

1. Bachelor degree or above.
2. 3+ years’ work experience, preferably in travel-related or internet company.
3. Arabic Native Speaker; Chinese speaking ability is a plus but not mandatory.
4. Experience making data-driven decisions; preferably with strong data analysis skills.
5. Strong communication and teamwork skills.
6. Proficiency with basic office software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Company Industry: IT/communication/electronic/Internet
Company Nature: Listed Company
Staff Size: 500+


某大型知名旅行网 创立于1999年,总部设在中国上海,员工30000余人,目前公司已在北京、广州、深圳、成都、杭州、南京、厦门、重庆、青岛、沈阳、武汉、三亚、丽江、香港、南通17个城市设立分支机构,在南通设立服务联络中心。2010年,该旅行网战略投资台湾易游网和香港永安旅游,完成了两岸三地的布局。2014年,投资途风旅行网,将触角延伸及北美洲。 作为中国领先的综合性旅行服务公司,成功整合了高科技产业与传统旅行业,向超过2.5亿会员提供集无线应用、酒店预订、机票预订、旅游度假、商旅管理及旅游资讯在内的全方位旅行服务,被誉为互联网和传统旅游无缝结合的典范。 凭借稳定的业务发展和优异的盈利能力,于2003年12月在美国纳斯达克成功上市,上市当天创纳市3年来开盘当日涨幅最高纪录。 在线旅行服务市场居领先地位,成为全球市值前三的在线旅行服务公司。